My First Pesa: Pesang Tanigue

Sorry for being MIA. I have two reasons: I ran out of posts (gasp!) and I got sick. Anyway, I'm back. I've decided to go on a seafood diet last week and this week. This is one of the first seafood dishes I cooked. And like what the title says, this is my first pesa.

Sorry for the photo. I didn't bother arranging the fish and vegetables as I was really hungry already. I got this recipe from pinoycook.

I used 2 slices of tanigue, one bunch of local pechay, the trinity of garlic, onions and tomatoes; some ginger, one small packet of whole peppercorns and some patis to taste. For the miso sauce, I used half of the yellow miso (leftover from sinigang na miso), garlic, onions and tomatoes and patis.

Let's start cooking!

Saute the garlic, onions and tomato in a little oil. I put the tomato first so that by the time it gets soft, the garlic and onions will be just right. Add the fish. Be careful not to break the fish. When a bit cooked, add some water, just enough to cover the fish. Bring to a boil. Remove the froth/scum because it's kadiri. Hahaha! You need to remove that because you want a clear soup. Next, add the pechay and make sure that they're all submerged in the soup. Cook for about 2 minutes more then cover the pot and turn off the heat. Prepare the miso sauce.

Saute garlic, onions and tomatoes in a little oil. Add the miso. Mix, mix, mix. Season with patis. Add some of the soup little by little because this will be too dry. Add soup according to the consistency you want. Taste. Add more patis if needed. I like my miso sauce like this:

MB asked me how to eat this dish. Take some rice, pechay, fish and a little bit of miso. I also mix the miso with the soup and pour over my rice. This miso is different from the Japanese miso that you use for miso soup. I don't know if this kind of miso is available abroad. If you know where/how to get this abroad, please leave a comment for the benefit of our international foodies. Thanks!


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