Salad, Apples and a Babybel

My officemates would often tease me about my baon especially if it's a salad or weird looking food of some sorts. Some think that I'm on a diet. I don't think I'll ever do that. Back when I was younger, I thought girls who ordered 'just a salad' were on a diet. Little did I know that a salad can actually be quite filling. Like this salad bento for instance.

This bento is made up of lettuce, cucumbers, croutons, chopped ham, apple slices and a Babybel. Okay, I don't like Babybel but for that price, I have to finish everything off. I had this with Caesar dressing. I also like thousand island dressing but I can't find one that tastes like the one they serve at Almon Marina. 

I didn't eat the ham. I put it there because I thought this wouldn't make me full. But I actually had a hard time finishing this meal! I'd say this is good for people on a diet. Just change the dressing to a lighter one. And if you're not on a diet but would like to have this for baon, just ignore your officemates who tease you. I'm petite, not fat at all but I have 'laman' in places where there should be. When they tease me about my food, I often say to myself, that's why I look like this and you look like that (or you're fat and I'm not! hahahaha!) Happy Friday everyone! Tomorrow I'll be doing some serious makeup shopping in preparation for my cousin's prom which will be posted in bits + treats.


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