Sauteed Tuna and Sayote (Chayote)

This post is for all my man friends out there who rely on this blog to feed them (haha!) or give them ideas on what to eat aside from the regular junk food that they buy dyan sa tabi tabi. Or at the very least, give them a nudge to eat decent food. 

We were supposed to have this for baon but my kuya invited us for lunch so we had this for dinner instead. Filipinos are very creative when it comes to cooking food that will feed every member of the family. Even some well-off families serve simple gisa or sauteed dishes. Men are also taught this very simple way of cooking. Ginisa dishes often include a vegetable and some meat. But some go without the meat especially if the budget is low. Ginisa is very popular with the middle class, down because they normally have soup which is a good extender and helps you get full without eating too much. This is especially true with families in the poverty line. Hot soup over rice is enough to feed the family.

To cook this, saute some chopped garlic, onions and tomatoes in oil. I put the tomatoes first so that they become limp. Add some of the oil from the tuna, about a tablespoon, to the pan. Drain the remaining oil. Add the tuna flakes and break them into smaller pieces. I use Century Tuna and their flakes look like chunks. Then add the sliced or cubed sayote. Mix. Add some water. 1-2 cups will do and turn on the heat. Season with very little salt, some patis (fish sauce) and pepper. Serve with rice. This is a simple, hearty dish that you can pack for baon or cook for dinner when you're running out of time to prepare a decent meal. 

Is it guy approved? MB aka Master Fryer finished more than half of this.


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