Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuna and Pechay Plus Tofu Sticks

I needed a fast dinner and I needed to use the wilting pechay fast so I ended up with this dish. I just sauteed some chopped garlic and onions in a little tuna oil. Then poured the tuna flakes which I again flaked into smaller pieces as they looked like chunks. I then added the chopped pechay and seasoned everything with oyster sauce. That's about 5T. I used the free pack I got. Then added some Kikkoman and mirin. Don't overcook the pechay.

MB fried the tofu sticks. He's the master fryer.

I just added chopped onions, green finger chilis (panigang) and red chilis (labuyo) in the Sukang Pinakurat (a type of vinegar native to Iligan), soy sauce, sugar mixture. Dissolve the sugar then add the onions and chilis then the tofu. Make sure the tofu sticks absorb the mixture. This was a real delight! Fast, easy and cheap.

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