Cheap Thrill of the Week: Chef Tony's Dark Chocolate Popcorn with Honey Roasted Almonds

When I was a kid, we used to hoard Poppycock popcorn in different flavors. They're too expensive now. This has got to be the closest thing to that without breaking the bank. I might be late with this thing but I'm still posting this anyway because I find it really good. And if I like something, I like sharing it. 

If you've been following this blog, you'd know that I adore dark chocolate. And I love nuts in my chocolate. So this is love, love, love! I was craving for popcorn and asked MF if he could buy one tub of Chef Tony's. We went to SM Makati's snack bar and saw this. I immediately snatched one tub. This costs P149.75. 

I was thinking that maybe it only has a few almond pieces because of the price. Lo and behold!

Ooops, I forgot. MF raided the almonds first so there are only a few pieces in this picture. But there was enough  to keep the both of us satisfied. Promise!

The popcorn is not too sweet because of the dark chocolate. It still retains the signature Chef Tony's sweet/salty taste. The almonds are fresh and crunchy. They're roasted just right. This is a limited edition so if you're looking for a healthy (popcorn + dark chocolate + almonds = healthy, right?) snack, grab a tub and enjoy!


  1. this is so yummy!! :) this & the roasted almond mochaccino are my faves from chef tonys!

  2. I haven't tasted that yet cookiespink. Thanks for the tip!

  3. try it. so good. im curious about their new xmas flavor- peppermint mocha! i'll try to grab a tub this week. haha! :D

  4. @cookiespink: Parang Starbucks lang! Do let me know how it tastes like!