Chili Prawn Crab Meat

I'm tired of egg foo young. Why is it that it's so hard to be creative with crab meat? My mind was set on cooking egg foo young for Saturday night's dinner but as I was chopping the ingredients, I had another thought. = )

I cooked the crab meat in some oil. Then I added the julienned tomatoes in the center, creating a well. When the tomatoes were limp, I added some chopped garlic and mixed everything together. I then added some sliced onions. Allow the vegetables to cook.  Add some Kikkoman. To measure, pour Kikkoman onto its cap (that is if you have the mineral water sized Kikkoman). About 2 caps will do. Mix. Add 1-2T mirin. Add 1.5T crispy chili prawn. Mix. Add one beaten egg and mix fast. Allow the egg to cook. Serve this with rice. 

I never thought this dish would turn out to be so delicious! You should really try this and give me your feedback.


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