Pringles Grilled Shrimp Flavor

Who doesn't love Pringles? When I was a kid, my mom used to go to Cartimar to buy PX goods, imported goods - chocolates, soaps, lotions, canned food and snacks such as Pringles. My mom raised us single-handedly when our father left us that's why she needed the extra income. And no, I don't come from a broken family. I've had and still have all the fatherly love that I need and deserve thanks to my Ninong, our family lawyer and other father figures in my life. If my father had stayed, then I can absolutely say that I am from a broken family. I'm actually proud that I was raised in such an environment. I wouldn't be the woman that I am had not it been for this unique experience.

Enough of the drama. Aside from her regular job, my mom used to hoard these goodies. This was way back in the early '80's when imported goods were scarce and too expensive. She would sell these to her officemates and friends so that she can earn extra. That was my first taste of Pringles. It became a staple in our house. 

I can still remember my ultimate favorite Pringles flavor. It was a corn/ranch variety. I think it had cornmeal mixed in it as you can clearly taste and chew the corn. It was really good. Too bad they phased it out a few years later. Fast forward to 15 years. There was a time in my life when chips were banned in my diet. But as my health became better, I started eating chips again. But not too much. Maybe once every 3 months or so. Or when I have a craving for it. When that happens, I usually reach for popcorn or nachos and make my own salsa.

The regular Pringles that I buy is the sour cream flavor. We went to the mall last Saturday to celebrate my birthday (which is long overdue). Of course, I needed my weekly Watsons fix. I saw this on the way to the cashier. The pink packaging had me. Plus there was a picture of a shrimp. Pink + Shrimp + Pringles = Love. 

MF said that it probably won't taste good. I told him we wouldn't know until we try. So I bought one tube. If you like those shrimp chips that are served in Chinese restaurants while you're waiting for your food, then you'll like this. It has a subtle shrimp flavor with a hint of onions but still retains the signature Pringles texture and crunch. This is exactly like any other Pringles except for the Asian-like flavor. 

                                             Love the pink chips!

This costs P70 at Watsons. It might be cheaper at Landmark. I'll check the next time I'm doing my grocery and will give you an update. Definitely repurchase (or hoard). This might be a limited edition thing.


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