Shrimps in Oyster Sauce

Not having so much inside the fridge and pantry stretches my creativity. This was our dinner last Monday night. I was still unsure of what to cook or how to cook these shrimps when I got to the kitchen but I somehow managed to cook a wonderful dish. 

Saute some thinly sliced tomatoes in oil. When the tomatoes are limp, add some thinly sliced onions. When the onions are translucent, add some chopped garlic. Add the shrimps when the garlic is fragrant. I used 10 shrimps. Add some oyster sauce, about 5T. Add some Maggi Savor Classic, about 8 shakes. Then add the juice of one calamansi (calamondin). You can also use lemon but just use 1T or less. Taste to be sure. Mix well.  And that's it! 

The sauce was absolutely flavorful and it went well with the rice. MF finished about 2 cups of rice. 


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