Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spicy Beef Wraps

Because we still had some leftover ground beef, I decided to make some spicy beef wraps for dinner. Master Fryer loves spicy food but I can't tolerate too much spice. For this recipe, I used one whole green finger chili. 

In a pan, put a little oil and brown the ground beef sirloin. If needed, add a little more oil then add some chopped tomatoes. When the tomatoes are a bit wilted, add some chopped onions. Then add the sliced chili then some sliced fresh button mushrooms. Season with chili, Spanish paprika, salt and pepper. 

Put about 1-2T of the beef mixture on a heated whole wheat tortilla. Top with some quickmelt cheese and tomato catsup.

We removed the chili first before eating. You can leave them there if you like chilis. Be sure to allot at least 3 pieces for each person. Just 2 pieces is simply bitin. Serve with your favorite iced drink.

And because we only had 2 each, we got leftovers which I used for baon. I just added some black olives to kick up the taste. Simply marvelous! 

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