Torikatsu and Yakisoba Flavored Mung Beans

If you're craving Japanese, this is a quick dish to satisfy you. You will need a few slices of chicken breast fillet. I used 2 big ones. Pound them with your fist to make them flatter. Cut into strips. Season with salt and pepper. Beat an egg in a bowl. Dredge the chicken pieces in flour then dip in the beaten egg. Then dredge in panko (Japanese breadcrumbs). I was able to buy panko that comes in a single serve sachet. I think the brand is "The Good Life". It costs only P10. This was my problem with panko. Before, there were only the big bags of panko available in the grocery. I can't serve fried dishes everyday, can I? So what happens is half of the panko gets left in a jar until it expires. So sayang. I'm really happy that they finally came out with small bags. 

Fry the chicken pieces in oil then transfer to a plate lined with paper towels. 

For the sauce, you can use catsup, bottled tonkatsu sauce (Bulldog brand) or this:

Mix equal portions of mirin, sake and rice vinegar. Add some Kikkoman and grated ginger. Heat this mixture on low heat. Add some brown sugar, depending on how sweet you want your sauce to be. I also added about 1T honey. The sauce won't get too thick. Or maybe I put a little too much rice vinegar. But it still tastes good. You can also use this dip for tempura. Yum!

I can't eat fried food without a side dish. Since we still had some leftover mung beans, I decided to make it into yakisoba flavored mung beans. After all, mung beans are one of the ingredients in yakisoba. Or is it an extender? 

Saute some sliced onions in a pan. When translucent, add the washed mung beans. Season with bottled yakisoba sauce, a little Kikkoman and mirin. That's it! 

I only ate about 3 pieces of torikatsu with less than half a cup of rice plus a few servings of the mung beans but I got so full already! 

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  1. If I could eat Japanese food every day I would! This only confirms my reasoning! Thanks!