3-Ingredient Fried Rice

When ingredients are scarce, turn to fried rice. When time is limited, turn to fried rice. One day last week, I only had 3 pieces of shrimps, 1 small carrot and 2 eggs left in the fridge. So what's a girl got to do? We ordered take out siomai from Hen Lin and cooked this. 

As what I've said in the title, you will only need 3 major ingredients for this dish minus the rice and seasonings.  You can also substitute with leftover chicken, beef or pork. I think even leftover fried fish would taste great. I think leftover chicken/pork adobo, pork chops, beef stew (minus the sauce, just the beef shredded into smaller pieces) would taste great.  

I didn't even put garlic or onions to this dish. Just saute the carrots then add the chopped shrimps. I cooked the eggs separately. Mix in the rice and season with Kikkoman, salt and pepper. You can also use oyster sauce or Maggi Savor. Add the eggs and serve with siomai. Preparation and cooking time for this dish is only 5 minutes. Yeah!


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