Kitchen Gadget of the Week: Saizen's Red Turtle

Of course it's not really a red turtle. It's just shaped like a turtle. This is one of my best cheap finds ever! It's from Saizen and costs only P85. I'm so glad I bought this. Have you ever tried opening a new bottle of mayo, bagoong, olives or some other last minute ingredient while in a rush? Oh, my. I panic when MB is not around to help me and my sauce is almost burning. With this bottle opener, no more worries. I've tried using it to open a bottle of marmalade (which is one of the hardest to open) and it worked! Sure, sometimes you have to put in a little effort but it doesn't matter. You'll still be able to open the bottle. 

I've tried using this on wine and other small necked bottles. It worked like a charm. All you do is place it on the lid, hold firmly then twist. I haven't asked MB to open a bottle for me since I bought this late last year. = )

I recommend this product for all you working girls and mommas out there. It saves a lot of time in the kitchen so you can get a few minutes of relaxation for yourself. 

Available at Saizen Robinson's Galleria and comes in different shapes and colors too!


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