Lady E's Fried Chicken

Have I ever given you my recipe for fried chicken? No? Well, I have to warn you though. This is not for the faint-hearted. Like literally. This uses patis (fish sauce) for the marinade.

I used to buy those ready made fried chicken batter but got tired of letting them go to waste because we never finish one bag. So I decided to make this instead. I got this recipe from an old officemate. I modified it to suit our taste. His recipe incuded Maggi Magic Sarap and chicken cubes. That's a killer.

You will need patis, calamansi and finger chilis. Yep, that's it. You can also add some garlic, onions, bird's eye chilis or herbs. It's up to you on how creative or simple you want your dish to be. 

Measure some patis and calamansi according to taste. Do not put too much patis as this will make the chicken very salty even if you marinate it for just overnight. You might think that the patis-calamansi mixture tastes okay but try to lessen the amount of patis by about 20%. Then add some chopped green chilis. Allow the chicken pieces to marinate in the mixture overnight then fry in hot oil. Serve with banana ketchup and lots of rice. I tried eating this with tomato ketchup but didn't like it. It tastes better with Jufran Banana Ketchup. It's like Max's chicken - no other ketchup tastes good with it than Jufran. You also want to fry this slowly to make the skin crispy and to make sure that it's cooked through. And for a better dining experience, eat this with your hands! 

What's your go-to fried chicken recipe?


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