Quick Noodles with Nori

Because I'm a noodle lover and I consider noodles to be my all time comfort food, I always make sure that we have a pack (or two) in the cupboard. It's also a quick hunger fix especially on nights when you're too tired or too lazy to cook. This dish is exactly that - born out of sheer laziness.

Heat some oil in a pan and add some sliced onions. Add some carrots and bell peppers. You can add mushrooms if you like. I didn't have any so I left it at that. Add some water and yakisoba sauce. Add some mirin if your yakisoba sauce is too sour. Add the noodles and steam by covering. With this brand, you have to  leave it for 2 minutes then mix until the noodles become soft. If using the same brand, make sure that you remove the noodles from the pan as soon as they're cooked because they have too much starch and they become sticky. I topped this with some nori strips. Serve with a very cold drink and dumplings. 

Safoco noodles are available at The Landmark supermarket. Two rolls are good enough for 1-2 persons. One pack has 24 rolls, I think. 


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