Spanish Sardines, Eggs and Tomatoes Trio

Saturday morning breakfasts are heaven for me. It's the only time MB and I get to sit down to a proper home cooked breakfast, not like the breakfast that we eat on weekdays. Weekday breakfasts are usually glorified leftovers or courtesy of Starbucks. Saturday breakfasts allow for longer preparation time and creativity. Since tomorrow is Saturday, why not serve this for breakfast?

I love Spanish sardines and I've been on the lookout for a good bottle/can of Spanish sardines ever since Victoria pulled theirs off the shelves. I tried this SM bonus SS. It's cheap, around P75 for a bottle. It's so-so. Good but not great. I liked the pickles though. = )

I served this with some scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper and some sliced tomatoes. I served this with plain rice because we always eat fried rice for breakfast and the thought of warm, white fluffy rice with this excites me. The trio did not disappoint. I guess you really have to serve the sardines with something else otherwise it just won't cut it. 

Can anybody suggest a good Spanish sardine brand? One that doesn't break the bank, please.


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