A Tasty and Healthy Side Dish

On some days, we drop by Starbucks on the way to work to grab some breakfast. One day I decided to order one of their sandwiches. I don't usually like their sandwiches for breakfast because they're too big. But you have got to try Starbucks' Chicken and Turkey Tuscan Sandwich. It's L-O-V-E in a sandwich. It costs P140. The bread is focaccia with sundried tomatoes and cheese. The filling is turkey, chicken, sundried tomato paste, waldorf spread (mayo, walnuts, red and green apples) and peanuts. It's huge so you can share or just slice in half and eat the other half for merienda. I had the other half for dinner. Feeling that half a sandwich might not be enough as I was famished, I decided to make a healthy side dish to go with the healthy theme of the sandwich. 

I checked the fridge and found one potato and one carrot. Hmmm.. What to do, what to do...

I peeled the carrot and chopped it up into smaller pieces, scrubbed the potato clean, left the skins on and sliced it into thin pieces. I got a pan and put a little butter then fried the veggies. I seasoned this with some sea salt, pepper and some basil. Et voila!

This side dish was amazing simply because the carrots were sweet and the the butter was salty. The sweet, salty taste plus the basil were a delight for the palate. The freshness of the ingredients ups the ante. This was the perfect accompaniment to the sandwich. Try it, you're in for a nice surprise!


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