Breakfast Bento: Rice Cakes, Frozen Melon Balls and Scrambled Eggs

Nothing makes me happier than a full breakfast with lots of choices. It reminds me of the childhood summers I spent in Bicol. In my grandmother's home, we were always served a variety of dishes for breakfast. We have bread, fried rice, eggs, hotdogs, different spreads, fruit, coffee, hot chocolate, pancit, etc. The table was always overwhelming but the nice part is, all the family plus the extended ones (that's us. She's my grandma's sister) are all eating together. The smiles and the jokes and the stories passed around the table are simply priceless. Now that's how you start the day.

Back here in Manila, everything is always in a frenzy but I still try to have a good sit-down breakfast with MB either at home or in the office. For me, breakfast bentos are always more fun to prepare than the lunch ones. 

For this particular breakfast bento, I put Calasiao puto, frozen melon balls, scrambled eggs with Spanish sardines, garlic, onions and tomatoes and some butter for the puto (rice cakes) together. We must have been very hungry that day as I also packed some whole wheat pan de sal. I tell you, if you start your day like this, you will be happy and will be able to tackle the day's work with ease.

How about you guys? What's your favorite breakfast memory?


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