Cheap Grocery Find: Nissin Ramen Shoyu Flavor

What did you guys do during the weekend? Did the election fever finally let up? I slept through the weekend. It's amazing how I was able to finish most of my chores. Lately I've been getting tired easily and getting sleepy more than usual. I guess my body is adjusting to the climate transition. With that, I try to combat stress and fatigue with lots of rest, sleep, movies and what else, FOOD! 

Have I told you how much I love ramen? I've tried Teriyaki Boy's recently and it was delicious! It's also fairly cheaper than Sumo Sam's and the serving is just right for one. But I can't always eat at Teriyaki Boy. That's why I'm so lucky that I was able to find a decent tasting instant ramen at the Landmark. It costs P33 and the price is absolutely worth it!

The pack comes with flavoring and some nori strips. The flavoring is soup base. You can have this in seafood flavor too. 

Sorry for the blurry pic. My batteries were dying at this point. 

This instant ramen is made in Japan. That's important if you like ramen as much as I do. Don't ever buy ramen that's made in the US. It tastes horrible! It's not even close to ramen or to a decent bowl of Asian instant noodles. I absolutely abhor Maruchan. So stay away from that brand.

Don't you just love how Japanese food is packed? They're so creative and innovative. They really try to make you feel as if you're not eating instant food. Why can't we be this creative locally? Calling makers of Lucky Me! (I don't eat Lucky Me or any local noodles for that matter as I can't digest it. Seriously.)

Since the rainy season is coming, better stock up on soups and comfort food. For 33 bucks, you bet I'm going to stock up on these.

What's your favorite instant noodle brand?

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  1. Saw these at Shopwise last night, was about to try since I'm tired eating the hot stuff noodles. I'll try this out today.