Chicken and Vegetable Hot Pot

Well, almost. I'll soon get around to buying an authentic hot pot. Meanwhile, I'm happy with our non-stick pot. 

I know it's summer but soup comforts me in ways I cannot comprehend nor describe. And a bowl of steaming chicken soup with vegetables is just too irresistible.

Plus, I got this very convenient ingredient for a quick soup:

Sorry for the blurry pic. Our kitchen lighting is bad. This costs around P34 at The Landmark. It's liquid inside and doesn't taste like chicken cubes at all. 

I boiled some sliced chicken breast fillet in water just because I don't like boiling chicken in the same soup. I dissolved the soup base in 6 (to 8, depending on how salty you want your soup to be) cups boiling water. I then added the cooked chicken, some baby corn, native pechay and oyster mushrooms. I just let everything cook. 

Here's the finished product:

This soup is a meal in itself but since we're Filipinos, we ate this with some rice. You have got to try this when the rains come!


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