Grilled Thai Shrimps

You already know about my love affair with seafood particularly shrimps. So I guess you won't be surprised if I wax poetic about this dish:

The flavor was amazing! Grilling the shrimp resulted in a firm meat outside and soft, juicy meat inside. These are just a few pieces of shrimps but we ate a lot of rice with these. It was really good. If you're hosting a dinner and would like to impress your guests, I recommend this dish. It's very easy to make and you get a head start. 

For the marinade, you will need some shallots, fresh ,lemongrass (pounded and chopped), some garlic, 1/2c of coconut milk. I used the Thai canned coco milk because I was too lazy to use fresh. 2T brown sugar, 2T dark soy sauce, 1T fish sauce, 1/2t turmeric powder. Combine the solid ingredients in a food processor then blend. Add the liquid ingredients and blend until smooth.

Marinate the clean, deveined shrimps overnight. I grilled this using a stove top grill. Make sure that you brush the shrimps with the marinade every so often to ensure that the flavors are packed in. I absolutely heart this dish!


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