In this sweltering heat, be sure to keep hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. And what better way to replenish your supply than a bottle of electrolyte-spiked water?

Nothing can quench my thirst better than water. Actually, it's just water. When I'm thirsty, juice or ice tea just won't help. Even after a meal with ice tea or juice, I still need to drink water. During the day, I drink about 4-5 Starbucks tumbler worth of water in the office. After a meal, I can down 3-4 glasses. I've always been a big water drinker but having polymyositis and all the meds that come with it made me an even bigger water drinker. 

Electrolytes are important for you and me. A few years ago, my mom's electrolytes and sodium dropped. She had a heart attack. We rushed her to the hospital and the doctors were saying that they were going to intubate her. That means they're going to stick a tube down her throat to help her breathe. My godfather said that his friends who had their sodium drop hardly recovered. They became isip-bata, child-like afterwards. Thank God my mom is a fighter and she was out of the hospital, normal and strong after only a week. The doctors said that it was indeed a miracle. That's how important electrolytes and sodium are. To read more about water-electrolyte imbalance, let me direct you to Wikipedia.

If you have a kid who's active in sports, pack one bottle in your child's lunch box. If you're stuck in an air conditioned office for 8 hours or more, you need this to hydrate your body and your skin. If you work on the field, then I definitely recommend you always have one bottle handy. 

This isn't a paid advertisement. I just happen to believe in this product. I mentioned that I drink about 4-5 tumblers of water per day in the office. With this, I only drank one bottle plus filled the same bottle again with regular bottle and I was hydrated for the whole day. That's how effective it was for me. I bought a bottle for my mom and she and my sister liked it. The ref is now filled with several bottles. 

And the taste? Very clean, very crisp like water. No weird taste or smell. It's like you're drinking regular water.

One 650 mL bottle is only Php20 at Landmark Supermarket, Php25 at Mini Stop.


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