Saturday Breakfast Idea: Garlic Fried Rice, Tofu and Kangkong, Fried Espada

This was supposed to go live last Friday but something came up and it's a Saturday breakfast idea so it had to wait.

Remember this? We had the leftovers with breakfast along with fried espada and garlic rice. Oh, and don't forget the Sukang Pinakurat! We were so full that we had lunch at 3 pm.


  1. Hello there, I'm curious about the sukang pinakurat, what is it?

  2. Hi Kitten! Sukang Pinakurat is a spicy vinegar native to the province of Iligan. It's a special kind of vinegar that locals say is the best for barbecues, meats, seafood, etc. I don't like vinegars but when I tried this, it has become a staple in my pantry. My boyfriend introduced me to this vinegar as he hails from Iligan. About a few years back, we used to hoard this when he goes home. Now it's available at SM and Landmark supermarkets. It's a really versatile dip and I recommend that you try it. Shake the bottle first before pouring! = ) You can browse the archives or search sukang pinakurat in this blog to have more ideas.

  3. wow, very interesting. I'll do check about your other posts related to this. Thanks for the info. ^_^