Chili Oil Chicken

Are you familiar with the chili oil at North Park restaurant? It’s in a little steel container on every table. We use it for siomai and virtually anything that we want to spice up. I fell in love with the heat and explosion of flavors one afternoon when we were having a siomai merienda.

Because this was spicy and we only had one order of siomai, there was still some chili oil left. I just had to take it home and use it for a dish. I had leftover chicken and so I decided to use that for my experiment.

The result?

chili oil chicken, by 240baon
Chili Oil Chicken

The ingredients are so simple and yet the end product tastes so good!

Ingredients: chicken, cut up into bite size pieces, soy sauce, fresh calamansi juice, chili oil from North Park and brown sugar.

Cook chicken until brown. In a bowl, mix soy sauce and calamansi juice to your desired taste. Add sugar then the chili oil. Mix well. Pour on the chicken and let the mixture boil. Lower heat. Splash the chicken with the sauce every now and then. Serve with steamed rice. This is great for baon or for a quick dinner. Just be sure to control the chili oil as it’s really spicy.


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