Chocolate Overload

I love chocolate but Bread Talk’s Triple Chocolate absolutely toppled me.

bread talk triple chocolate, by 240baon Bread Talk Triple Chocolate

I absolutely admit defeat. The bread is croissant-like and is chocolate flavored. The whole thing is dipped in chocolate so it has a chocolate coating and inside, there’s a big chunk of semi-sweet chocolate. Oh my… It’s been a week and I still can’t get over it. I tried to finish this bread but sadly, I really couldn’t. I absolutely hate wasting food but the chocolate was too much. On the other hand, Migraine Boy, who is such a chocolate addict finished this in no time. I had to take sips of water in between bites just to be able to finish as much as I could. In the end, I left one bite. One measly bite and I didn’t have the strength to put it in my mouth, chew and then swallow! I felt bad chucking the chocolate in the bin. But to be fair, I was able to finish all the bread.

I think this would have been better had they spread out the chocolate thinly and evenly. It’s just one whole chunk of chocolate in the middle and that made me very umay and sawa.

If you wanna take on the chocolate challenge, visit Bread Talk and buy Triple Chocolate for only Php39.


  1. Mukha ngang nakaka umay, chocolate overload over board!

  2. oo sobra! ok naman ung chocolate, semi-sweet pero ang dami dami kasi!

  3. i want this!!! i desperately need chocolate now LOL! xD

  4. yeah, a huge chunk of chocolate. I'd go with the floss na lang. hehe.

  5. i love chocolate but i really surrendered here pinkcookies!