Crispy Shrimps

This was supposed to be a rock star status dish but I guess I used the wrong shrimps.

crispy shrimps, by 240baonCrispy Shrimps….Not!

Next time, I’ll use tiny shrimps, like the ones they serve at Kamay Kainan or Ilonggo Grill to make them truly crispy. The shells of the shrimps were crispy but not the way I want them to be. You can actually eat the body but the head, no. When done right, you can eat everything. It’s such a shame that SM doesn’t have those tiny shrimps. I picked the smallest of the white shrimps available already and it's still wrong.

To make, just marinate the shrimps in a salt and water solution for about an hour and a half inside the fridge. Drain and dry on paper towels and fry on high heat. Be warned, this will pop and splatter oil like crazy! Season with Spanish Paprika or salt and pepper. You can also add some calamansi or lime wedges. I skipped all the above because I served this with Sukang Pinakurat.


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