Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Love Side Dishes!

You’ll know that I’m getting sick when I start featuring light dishes, Japanese dishes and noodles here in 240 baons. This side dish that I will feature today was what I had one afternoon when I was sick at home.

Sometimes, when I’m really not in the mood to eat, I just opt for a big bowl of veggies and then some fruit and lots of water. But I ate this particular side dish with fried chicken and rice so I guess I had some appetite that day.

mixed vegetable side dish, by 240baon

The mixed vegetables are cauliflower, baby corn, shiitake mushrooms and my favorite, favorite haricot vert or French green beans. These are my absolute favorite type of beans because they’re light, crunchy, thin and they don’t hurt my joints as much as other beans do.  To cook, eyeball some EVOO in a pan. You can add some chopped garlic if you want to. I think I didn’t here. Then add the vegetables one by one. I put the shiitake first then the corn and cauliflower then the beans. Sprinkle with some sea salt and pepper and some chopped parsley and you’ve got a wonderful side dish.

Actually, the vegetables would have sufficed but I forced myself to eat so that my body can recover faster. It’s really true that when you’re not feeling well, you should eat. I know it’s hard especially if you don’t have an appetite or you can’t taste/smell what you’re eating but you must, if you want to get better that is. And if possible, research about your illness and what foods to combat your disease. Food is a natural and very powerful medicine that your body can easily absorb and digest. After all, it’s always better to spend your money on tasty food rather than bitter meds, right?


  1. The veggies looks really yummy, cauliflower is my favorite veggie -yum. Thanks for sharing. I'm jealous you have time to cook real food.

  2. I try to cook real food as much as I can because there's just so many food that's on my bawal list. You just gave me an idea for a post!

  3. I see, no wonder why, what's your condition? YEY! looking forward for that post.

  4. I have polymyositis. It's an auto-immune disease where my immune system attacks my own body. Had it since I was 14 but was only properly diagnosed about 5-6 years ago. I'm 28 na. It's very debilitating. Someone who has this might lose the use of the arms and legs. When I have attacks I'm just paralyzed in bed.

  5. Oh, that's quite scary, but I hope you are fully well now. :(

  6. Yes, I am well. Thank you Kitten! But there's no cure so I'll pretty much have this for a while. Don't worry though, your friend has never lost a battle with polymyositis for 14 years and I don't intend to lose one in the future either. = )



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