Tuna Bites with Apple Slices

This is what I usually do with the Goldyna Mayo:

tuna bites with apple slices, by 240baon

Very quick, very simple. I just take some dark, hard bread (I can’t eat white bread. Bawal!), put a lettuce leaf on top then spread some tuna with Goldyna Mayo and top with an apple slices. It’s a very quick and very filling breakfast. This is very appreciated especially when we’re running late.


  1. What's a dark hard bread taste like? and is Goldyna Mayo a brand? hehe.

  2. I used the Goldyna lemon ginger & chilli mayonnaise from the previous post. Dark hard bread tastes a bit like wheat bread. It's not sweet and the flavors are more robust since I always get the ones with nuts, grains, etc. The crust is hard (as in, i sometimes injure my gums when i don't bite carefully) but the bread inside is soft, sometimes even fluffy. You can buy them at French Baker. = ) You can have them sliced na para less work. Hard bread is the best accompaniment to saucy pastas and dishes as you can use the bread to sop up the sauce without it getting mushy. Good morning kitten! Matulog ka na!