Getting Creative with Mixes

The only chicken breading mix that I buy is Crispy Fry. They have 3 flavors to choose from – classic, garlic and spicy. I wanted some crispy chicken and I know that we still had a pack of Crispy Fry Garlic. But I was bored (again) and just thinking about the familiar flavor made me suya already. So, being so pakialamera, I played around with the herbs in the kitchen. I added basil, oregano and nutmeg to the garlic mix then dredged some bite sized chicken thigh fillets in it.

Here’s the result:

garlic herbed chicken bites, by 240baon Garlic Herbed Chicken Bites

You might say why not just mix garlic powder, flour and the herbs together? well, you know, there’s something incredibly mouth-watering about junk food for a person who has a very controlled diet (read: me). I also can’t seem to make the chicken as crispy as when I dredge it in Crispy Fry . I can’t do that with just flour and cornstarch. I also love the other flavors in the mix that’s why I keep using it. There are also times when I make a chicken mix from scratch which you can read in my previous posts, but I just can’t resist the allure of instant mixes.  It’s also a lifesaver when I’m dead tired from work or illness.

This was already very flavorful and didn’t need any gravy. We did dip this in ketchup though because the combination of herbs and sour ketchup was just too good. I served this with a special rice which I will show you next.


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