Thursday, September 16, 2010

Homemade Childhood Sweets

What’s your favorite homemade childhood sweet? I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I like eating homemade desserts and sweets. My grandmother would make polvoron, yema, pastillas and other desserts that the whole family can enjoy. Christmases and birthdays are favorite affairs to whip up these desserts.

Fast forward to the future where everything is fast paced, we no longer have the luxury of making these sweets at home instead, we just buy them from commercial bake shops. But if you’re like me, nothing beats homemade desserts. It just doesn’t taste the same.

The Emporium stays true to that ideal. Homemade desserts such as polvoron and pastillas are freshly made when you order. These sweets are very addictive and customers swear that a dozen polvoron and pastillas is just not enough. You have to order more!

pastillas from the emporium The Emporium Pastillas

the emporium pastillas Yum!

polvoron from the emporium 
Ready for delivery!

the emporium polvoron
Nom. Nom. Nom.

You can visit their Facebook fan page at to learn more about prices, check out the photos and read their client testimonials. The polvoron comes in plain, pinipig and cookies and cream flavors. They deliver to Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Now comes the exciting part!  The Emporium is giving away 3 packs of polvoron and 5 packs of pastillas to 240 Baon readers! Here are the mechanics:

1. You have to be a follower of 240baon
2. You have to be a fan of The Emporium Facebook page
3. First 3 commenters will win a pack of polvoron each. The next 5 will win a pack of pastillas each. Answer this question: What’s your favorite childhood dessert?
4. This is open to Philippine readers only.
5. State that you’re a follower, an FB fan and your email address in your comment to win! I will get in touch with the winners so wait for my email!


  1. 1. Yes I'm a follower!

    2. Already a fan/liked the fan page in facebook -

    3. What’s your favorite childhood dessert? - My favorite childhood dessert is polvoron and yema, other than that what brings me back to my childhood memories is The original Choc nut.

    4. Email is:

  2. Follower. Fan. :)

    My favorite Pinoy childhood delicacy/dessert is barquiron. There's just something about the crunchy roll and finding a powdery surprise inside.

    akanariaemail [at]

  3. Follower. Fan.

    My favorite Filipino childhood sweet/delicacy is barquiron. I just love the crunchy wafer roll and finding the powdery surprise inside. :)


  4. a follower already :)
    i liked the page already :)

    What’s your favorite childhood dessert?
    my fave is leche flan...
    i just simply ♥ it!

    whenvanitystrikesatme at gmail dot com

  5. Follower and fan :)

    What’s your favorite childhood dessert?
    Leche fan


  6. Hi Bec! I can't seem to see you on my followers page. Please confirm. Thanks! and Thanks for joining!

  7. ^Ooops, so sorry. I confirmed already :)

  8. 1. Follower :)

    2. Fan of The Emporium at Facebook :)

    3. My favorite childhood dessert would be pastillas de leche. When I was a kid, I remember striking it rich when my mom gave me 30 pesos in 2-peso bank-fresh denominations for my birthday. One pastillas was 25c that time. I spent my riches buying all the pastillas from the local sari-sari store. I was the happiest birthday girl that day :3

    4. E-Mail: stacylicious[at]mail[dot]com

  9. 1. Yes I'm a follower!

    2. Already a fan/liked the fan page in facebook -

    3. What’s your favorite childhood dessert? - My favorite childhood dessert was Leche Plan. I literally grew up used to eating it after dinner. It was kinda expensive, and I always kulit my mom into buying one. I've tasted ALOT different variations of the said dessert from different restaurants and stores that I can tell by the texture and the way it was prepared, if it was poorly made or wasn't done right.

    4. Email is:

  10. 1. Yep I'm a follower of your blog now.

    2. Yes, I'm also now a fan of the facebook page. Even posted something on the wall. =)

    3. My favorite childhood dessert would be Leche Plan. It was always served back then after dinner and I love it alot. It was kinda expensive (for me as a kid that only had a P10 allowance) so I would always kulit my mom into buying one for me. I have tasted alot of different variations of the said dessert from restaurants, etc. that I can tell if it wasn't well-prepared and stuff just by the texture and how syrupy it is.

    4. Email is:

  11. Friends, this contest is closed. Last winner is Dio Brando.

  12. Hey Esther, how about you open yourself a restaurant, with the recipes you have here, I can see potential in you, " Chef in the making".

  13. Hi Anonymous! I would love to do that but I don't have formal training in cooking. But also because of that, my food is not commercialized. it's still close to home. My friend and I are thinking of putting up a catering biz in the very near future. You obviously know me. So, can I have your name?

  14. To be honest you don't need to have a formal training you just have to know the right people to help you for your goal and time will come it will be realized.... If you're committed and have faith of yourself, nothings is impossible for you... Believe me I know.....



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