Mesa Vs Oody's

Since I'm too busy and stressed out, MB and I decided to go out for dinner tonight. He wanted to eat at Mesa Greenbelt 5 so we went there. We checked if there were available seats first. There were a lot of empty seats with no "Reserved" sign so we thought that was good. There was a couple who entered the restaurant ahead of us. They wanted 10 seats. We asked the server for a seat for 2. She said to wait for the receptionist. The receptionist came and immediately accommodated the couple ahead of us. No problem with that, they came in first.  They were looking for a place to seat 10 people. She asked if they wanted to sit outside. The couple said they wanted to sit inside but the receptionist answered that there were "no more available" seats inside so they went outside. Before they left, I asked the receptionist for a table for two. She ignored me. So we were just standing there for about 5 minutes or so with all the staff just passing us back and forth and the other staff making chismis in the cashier's corner. I couldn't take it anymore and asked one of the staff for a table for two. She said, "ma'am wait lang" and called the receptionist. Finally the receptionist came and I asked her again for a table. She said, ma'am there's a waiting list. Aaaargh!! I told her that she should have said that already the first time I asked her and not make us wait while everybody else was ignoring us. I was really hungry and I really snapped at her. She's an idiot. I'm sorry but she is. Or maybe she's one of those people who discriminate according to the clothes you wear. We were wearing very simple clothing (and slippers, not Havaianas) when we went out earlier and the couple had branded clothes on them. I just don't like the way she treated us and she even got annoyed when I snapped at her. So much for service, Senator Pangilinan. I hope you train your people better and please don't hire idiots. 

So because I was so pissed, we went to Oody's instead. I've had satisfactory experiences at Oody's Greenbelt before but we went there anyways because I wanted to treat MB to a special dinner. It's been a while since we last ate at a more upscale restaurant.  Well, well, well. I was in a for a surprise. The staff were very accommodating. We were immediately seated because the restaurant was not full. Our server was Ulyses and  can I just say that he is a rock star server? He is. He was very good, very attentive and very observant. Our food arrived quickly and take note, in order from appetizer to salad and soup then to entrees. We didn't have to call him for water refills. It was automatic. When our glasses were half full, he would immediately go to us and refill the glasses. He gave extra napkins and toothpicks without us asking. He cleared the table of any unwanted clutter (chopstick plastic, etc). He would check on us from time to time without being annoying. He was very subtle about it. He would pass by the table, take a quick look at our food, glasses, etc. then leave. If he saw something that needed attention, he was there ora mismo. I called his manager to commend his work and his attitude. All throughout, he was smiling and very polite. His manager said that he was one of his best employees. I tell you, we had a wonderful dinner at Oody's even though I had a hard time digesting the food. (I always have a hard time digesting Thai food). Even the Koreans on the other table seemed to enjoy their dinner.

We only eat at Oody's once a month but I think this experience would take us there more often. Would I go back to Mesa? Maybe, if the service improves and when they have a new hostess. Right now, I'm too pissed to go back there even with all the good food reviews. 

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  1. I agree, most employees, like sales lady, even sa banks, malls. If you dress in simple clothes di ka pinapansin. Pero pag naka bihis and all todo, hello ma'am. Fail!