Tomato Shrimps and Turmeric Rice

This is a slamdunk dish in my opinion. MB, my mom and sister loved it too!

tomato shrimps and turmeric rice, by 240baon Tomato Shrimps and Turmeric Rice

Another plus is it’s very easy and very fast to cook. For the rice, all you need is freshly cooked rice then sprinkle some turmeric powder all over then mix well. I also added a few dashes of Maggi Savor Classic. You can also use crushed sea salt.

For the tomato shrimps, shell and devein the shrimps, keeping tails intact. In a pan, eyeball some EVOO then add chopped tomatoes. It’s better to use the soft, ripe ones as they are juicier. They make up for the sauce. Cook until wilted then add the shrimps. Season with sea salt and pepper. I also added a few shakes of Maggi Savor Classic. Serve the shrimps on top of the turmeric rice. Wonderful! The subtle taste of the turmeric rice was very well complemented by the flavors of the tomato shrimps.

I wouldn’t recommend this for baon though. You have to eat it freshly cooked and hot. Nuking will ruin the dish.

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  1. One word = SARAPPPPPP! nom nomz. XD

    I agree, not a good idea to make baon but really good to eat at home. Inggit! hehe.