Adobo sa Dilaw Side Dish

I like eating adobo with a little extra side dish. If you’re a regular, perhaps you might have seen me serve adobo with boiled chicken/quail eggs, potatoes, etc. For this very special adobo sa dilaw, I decided to make the side dish special too.

steamed eggplants with tomatoes and bagoong, by 240baon

I don’t always put an extra effort to my side dishes but for this, I took the time to steam the eggplants and wait for them to be perfectly cooked. I have no patience for steaming but I did it. Plating too. I served this with chopped tomatoes and bagoong. I also squeezed one calamansi all over the tomatoes and bagoong. It’s just something I do with tomatoes and bagoong when green mangoes are not available.

You can use any steamed vegetables that you like for adobo sa dilaw. Next time I’ll serve this with kangkong or even okra just because MB likes okra.


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