Hearty Breakfast

When I’m sick, I tend to crave traditional Filipino breakfast – meaning heavy food.  I normally don’t eat rice or anything heavy for breakfast but when I’m sick, I just need to eat. I believe my body heals faster with the proper food.

This is a classic Pinoy breakfast – sinangag and ginisang sardinas (fried rice and sauteed sardines). I don’t always eat/cook this but when the craving hits, I just have to cook some. I can’t shake off the craving until I eat this dish.

sauteed sardines breakfast, by 240baon
It’s quite easy to cook. Just saute some chopped garlic, onions and tomatoes in a little oil then add one can of sardines. Break down the sardines into smaller pieces. Add some water and season with fish sauce or in this case, some Maggi Magic Sarap.

My fried rice was also seasoned with Magic Sarap:

magic sarap fried rice, by 240baon

I think I also added some garlic bits. I know that’s a lot for one person but I finished 3/4 of this. Hehe… I really try to eat a lot when I’m not feeling well. This is comfort food when my body is down. The rest, I gave to my babies. They were happy alright.

What’s your favorite comfort food when you’re not feeling well?


  1. Nice, sardines, so that's your comfort food pala. M cooks a good sardine omelette. But for my comfort food I love sopas or lomi with egg and gatorade and chocolate. XD

  2. I also like sardine omelette but my ultimate comfort food is ramen!!! Sopas with egg is yum!

  3. Rice with magic sarap is actually good, though I don't make it anymore, napapa sarap kumain eh, haha.