Dress up Leftovers with Chicken Alphabet Soup

Soup always warms my soul and comforts my sick body, not to mention make it heal faster too. I didn’t have this yesterday but on one of my sick days a few weeks back. We had some leftover balsamic beef strips and I made them into fried rice:

carrots and balsamic beef fried rice, by 240baon

What’s nice about this dish is it’s quick, healthy and delicious. You just need cold rice, beef strips from a previous dish and chopped carrots. Season with anything you like.

But because I was sick, I needed soup so I made this:

chicken alphabet soup, by 240baon

Alphabet soup is my favorite! I loved it when I was a kid and I still love it now. That’s why when I saw the alphabet pasta at Landmark, I quickly grabbed it and put it in my cart without checking the price. Don’t worry. It’s less than a hundred pesos.

This soup is too rich. I made a simpler version of it last Saturday. This is made by cooking some finely chopped garlic in oil, add chicken pieces to cook or use some shredded boiled ones. Then add chopped potatoes. Wait for the potatoes to cook a bit then add  chopped red bell peppers then mushrooms. Add broth or water and chicken cubes. Bring to a boil. Pour some milk, stir. Add some cream and season with salt (if needed) and pepper. Oh my, this soup was so rich and filling that one bowl made me full already and I usually have seconds and thirds when eating soup. My cats loved it too!

And yes, this was a carbo overload meal. = )


  1. i wish your kitchen would be a restaurant that i can go and have a fill.

  2. when that happens, i'll be sure to send you an invitation!

  3. enclose a free lunch and dinner voucher too. :)

  4. ahahahaha! kelangan talaga two meals?? bakit hindi ka na lang mag overnight sa kitchen para pati breakfast kasama? hahahaha!

  5. Hmmm~ sopas alphabet soup. sarap.