Rockstar Breakfast

This should have been but the baby arugulas were so bitter! Next time, I’ll use lighter greens Nevertheless, it was delicious!

cheese and apple tortillas, by 240baon

These are apple and cheese tortillas. This is how I made them:

Place some cheese squares on a tortilla. Heat on very low fire until the cheese melts. I used Australian Colby. It’s very light and not salty. I love how gooey and sticky and bubbly it is when melting. Fantastic!

Once the cheese is melted, top with arugula or any greens of your choice and thin apple slices. Fold and toast both sides. Oooohhh, the crunchy/chewy tortilla plus the warm cheese and the sweetness of the apples was simply unforgettable. MB picked out the arugula while I sucked it up and ate everything because I know it’s good for me.

I will definitely do this again! Breakfast is one of my poorest areas but this was a definite slamdunk!


  1. magnifico. you lack people to taste test it. might i volunteer?

  2. take a number john! hahaha! may pila!

  3. oi kitten, anong pila? VIP ka! walng pila pila!

  4. sa sarap ng mga niluluto mo, ano kaya kung iuwi kita? or ako uuwi sa inyo. that way, i can save myself some gas in going out to places to find good food.

  5. Mahal ang talent fee ko John kung gagawin mo kong personal chef! Hahaha!

  6. kami ni katey dadaan nalang sa house nyo to eat before going home. :) baka mas mura pa yung personal kitchen than a personal chef. :)