What happened to all the bentos?

Well, now that I’m not working anymore, I don’t need to bring bentos. Well, sometimes I still prepare bentos for lunch for myself just for kicks. It’s fun to eat bento at home while watching DVD’s. It’s also hard to prepare bentos for MB as he wants the masculine bentos. But sometimes I can get sneaky and give him the cutesy stuff. Harhar!

olive foccacia and roasted chicken bento, by 240baon
Olive and parmesan foccacia(?) and roasted chicken which I had for lunch sometime ago

salad bento, by 240baon
I adore salads

instant brownies in a bento, by 240baon

Instant brownies from my trusty toaster. I miss baking the real stuff…. and muffins and cookies and bars. Oh, did I mention I make a mean Food for the Gods? I used to make batches and batches of the stuff to fulfill orders for weddings, Christmas, birthdays, parties, etc. I miss having an oven…

olive foccacia, majestic ham and salad bentos, by 240baon

I miss making bentos…


  1. those baon boxes(lunc packs) were already bonggacious for me as they seemed to be done meticulously and painstakingly cooked. my usual baon when i used to do it were just a box of rice and a can of Senorita, Hakata, and Ligo. sometimes Target corned beef. :)

  2. @cafemobility well, they were done in a jiffy. I usually plan my bentos at night so that I wouldn't have to waste so much time preparing in the morning.

    What is Target corned beef? I've never heard of it unless it's from Target US. Haha!

    @MrsM: Thanks for visiting my blog! I think I'm now inspired to make more bentos!

  3. @LadyE: that's it. the corned beef with a built-in key type can opener.

  4. Ang sarap nung salad, I WANT! I got so hungry now, thanks a lot, hahaha! And the brownies too.

  5. @Kitten: oo, masarap ung salad! un nga lang ang nilantakan ko.