Caffe Ti Amo

I’ve been hanging out in this place since it opened. I love the relaxed vibe that this place gives. I love the décor and the cozy feeling of the furniture. The gelato on the other hand, is good, not great.

the ti amo tree, by 240baon

I love the fact that they’re trying to give the place an outdoor Italian Café, thus the tree in the middle..It may be weird for some but I kinda like this tree.

ti amo love to talk, by 240baon

ti amo long couch, by 240baon

I don’t like this couch because it’s impractical. The tables are placed side by side. What if you’re in the farthest corner and want to go out? Do you ask your neighbor to move his table or do you ask everybody in the couch to move out?

ti amo anything area, by 240baon
I love this Anything Area!

crystal rocking chair, by 240baon

I want that crystal/ghost rocking chair! I haven’t tried sitting on that chair yet as it’s always occupied.

ti amo bookshelf, by 240baon
Books and magazines for everybody

ti amo chocolate mint and dark chocolate gelato, by 240baon

Here’s our usual gelato order – choco mint for me and dark chocolate for MB. Their ube gelato is also good. I haven’t tried the other flavors just because I don’t fancy them.

Gelatissimo’s gelato tastes better but Ti Amo’s doesn’t melt like crazy like Gelatissimo does. Ti Amo’s is also more affordable at only Php49 for the solo cup. The choco mint tries to duplicate the taste of Andes chocolate mint bars but the mint is too much. You can barely taste the chocolate after a few spoonfuls as the mint numbs your tongue. Hehe.. I don’t really mind as I like chocolate mint. The dark choco is delicious. I think I’ll try to  be more adventurous next time and try the ube gelato. I only tasted it when MB ordered one and it was good. I don’t like ube ice cream so this is going to be a challenge for me.

I like Caffe Ti Amo better because of the laidback vibe. The noise is also less and the place is bright. There are no annoying long lines but the staff, since they’re new, can be somewhat slow. I stay here for a couple of hours a few times a week and I’ve enjoyed it whether alone or with MB. The crowd here is also better. No kids running around, just a few business men in suits, old people enjoying affogatos, yuppies typing away on their laptops, girlfriends taking a break from shopping and the occasional group of friends who just want to hang out and chit chat while enjoying a cup of gelato. 

Caffe Ti Amo is at Greenbelt 5. Photos taken using my Nokia E71.


  1. i like the Coffee Mischiato with chocolate drizzle here... yummy to the max. i will be back here.

    have you tried Gelatissimo(Greenbelt 5)? and Gelatone(Greenbelt 3)?

  2. Yes, Gelatissimo's gelato tastes better but it melts too fast. Gelatone, I wouldn't bother. It tastes just like regular ice cream and melts fast too.

  3. so the Cafe Ti Amo's a lot like DQ?

  4. I wouldn't compare regular ice cream to gelato. First of all, the texture varies. And second, I don't eat regular ice cream as I'm lactose intolerant. The only ice cream I can tolerate is Haagen Dazs because the lactose content is lower. Gelatissimo's gelato makes my tummy act up but Ti Amo's doesn't.

    Ti Amo's gelato melts but not as fast as Gelatissimo's that once they hand over your cup, the gelato starts melting. Ti Amo is not like that. But in a way, I guess you can say that Ti Amo is a bit like DQ in that sense.