Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Lunch 2010

If you’ve been following me on my personal blog, you’d know that I got sick 3 days before Christmas so my sister had no choice but to step up to the cooking challenge.

In spite of being sick, I tried to organize the “front of the house” to accommodate 9 people. We only have a 6-seater table and so sitting 9 was quite of a challenge. For the chairs, we settled with extra monoblocs. As for the table setting:

table setting

It didn’t really matter anymore as long as everybody was able to eat. In all the excitement though, we forgot to take pictures of the food!

where's the food

We had Bouillabaisse, Russian Salad, my afritada, Bolognese pasta and a whole bunch of desserts. That’s sparkling grape juice (which I had with Sprite) on the table beside the Bouillabaisse.

Mom bought a Mango roll and Chocolate Heaven from Red Ribbon. We actually remembered to take pics before dessert.

fruit salad and chocolate heaven
Fruit Salad and Chocolate Heaven

With the Mango Roll and different ice cream flavors


We also had cherry M&M’s and an assortment of chocolates.

Here’s my cousin’s ice cream which I lovingly prepped for the photo op:

cat's ice cream

My uncle’s ice cream:tito's ice cream

And my Haagen Dazs Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream that absolutely rocks!

my ice cream bowl...haagen dazs belgian chocolate rocks!

I was the only one who had Haagen Dazs because I cannot tolerate the lactose content of local ice creams. Score!

Oh, we actually have a photo of the afritada:

i think my afritada was a hit

You might think that we shelled out a lot for the table setting. Mind you, these are all from Melaware which was 50% off when I bought them! I don’t like ceramic/glass plates as I have polymyositis and I tend to drop things. These plastic ones are light enough and I don’t worry about dropping them.

The wine glasses are also on sale at 100 pesos each. The table cloth is only Php199 while the place mats are Php69.75. As for the centerpiece, I just filled the glass with Christmas balls. The glass costs around Php170. These are all from SM. I had fun shopping for this event.

What made your Christmas? At our house, it still feels like Christmas. I’ll show you why in my next posts.


  1. Very festive noche buena, advanced Happy new year E. Take care always

  2. bakit parang restorante handa nyo? tapos sinasabi mo pa kwarto mo parang internet cafe. commercial establishment ba bahay nyo, Miss E? :)

  3. Happy New Year Kitten!

    @cafemobility: hindi ako ang nagsabing parang internet cafe ang room ko! ung cuz ko! haha! at lalong hindi restaurant ung ibaba! hahaha!

  4. E, where do you buy those cherry M&M's?

  5. Si kapatid, nagpunta isang araw sa Shopwise, before Christmas and she said there was a crazy sale of chocolates and wine. Ayun, nakakuha siya dun. Yung sale daw started at 5 am to 9/10 am. Pang simbang gabi special daw.



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