A Little Help?

I’ve been very busy doing a lot of things for the house and for other people. And we don’t even have decorations yet! I’m also busy preparing my Christmas lunch menu. We don’t have noche buena as the old folks don’t want to eat at night so what we have is Christmas Lunch. Usually, my sister and I are in charge of food but as with the several Christmases that passed by, I was left alone in the kitchen. She always tells me that I cook better. Wrong! She’s just lazy. There are 3 cooks in my family – my  lola, my sister and me. My mom cannot cook. We try to keep her out of the kitchen as much as possible. Sssshhh!

This year, I’m preparing myself to cook up a storm (alone) again so that I will still have some time to enjoy the day and meet up with friends. Last year, I was stuck in the kitchen for almost the whole day.

So, this is where you come in. I think we will be expecting more company this year. I might cook for 8 people and I need a menu! My grandmother is spending Christmas with us and I need to feed her! She has been the designated cook for many years and it’s time for her to have a good sit-down meal.

These people are a mish mash of sorts when it comes to food choices and that is why I will prepare a mish mash menu – freestyle, just the way I like it.

I’m thinking of cooking afritada (this is special for me if you’ve been a follower of this blog as I found a slam dunk recipe) and my pseudo paella dish which I posted some time ago. I will just add more chicken and some seafood to it. I’m also thinking about doing some seafood kare-kare, probably for dinner but will be served on the table too as my sister would probably want to taste some. My sister and the kids will probably look for some pasta and I am stumped. I don’t like cooking the usual spaghetti so I need ideas please! I also need a chicken dish. If we can buy an oven before Christmas, then I’ll probably roast one. If not, oh boy… I don’t want the usual fried chicken that my sister cooks for Christmas. A few Christmases ago, I cooked some Hainanese chicken but that won’t be bagay for this year’s menu. The kids will be looking for chicken! And for dessert? I am really stumped. I might make some fudge for snacks in between meals. I usually make a frozen peach pie but I have a tiny ref. Maybe if we can manage to buy a new ref then I’ll make some ahead of time. I really think a frozen peach pie at the end of the meal will be lovely as my pie is like an ice cream. It’s just frozen cream and peaches in 4 layers and ends with a crushed graham crust. It’s light and cleanses the palate. But I need a ref! What do you think? If you have any other desserts that are slam dunk worthy, please tell me!

You might think that this is a lot of food. Don’t fret. Our guests will surely ask for take away and the rest will serve as our food for the next couple of days or so. That way, I can just sleep and not worry about feeding people.

And the cats? They always look forward to their Christmas tinola and all our leftovers. Such spoiled cats, these babies are…

What are your usual Noche Buena fares?


  1. for the past 15years, my noche buena are the following:

    1) Nissin Cup Noodles
    2) Gardenia Wheat Bread
    3) Selecta Ice Cream
    4) Purefoods Ham(c/o my company's basket give away)

    i spent it alone kase.

  2. John Ray, is that your way of making me send food to you? Haha! joke lang! peace tayo!

    And why do you spend noche buenas alone, anyway, if I may ask?

    You remind me of my bachelor friends who I used to take care of in terms of food. I bring them food whenever they get tired of the usual pancit canton. Sometimes they ask me to cook for them and they say it's their way of making lambing, which I highly doubt. Pano naging lambing yun eh pinapagod nila ko?!! Wala pang bayad un!

  3. @ladyE: hahaha. the good thing about you is that i don't need to explain my intent, gets mo na agad. :) that's also my way of making lambing to you. hahaha :)

    i always spent it alone because i live alone. errr.... my family is not here.

  4. -salad
    -mashed potatoes
    -roasted turkey
    - my mom's caldereta
    - pasta

    a lot of pastries & desserts. :3
    ang weird ng combination no? LOL!!!

  5. We usually have pasta, sometimes pesto, sometimes yung specialty pasta ko, then the usual like excellente ham, fruit salad, queso de bola, wine.

    Parang every year iba iba, I'm not sure about this year since I won't be spending christmas with the people at the house.

  6. @Sugar: the weirder, the better!

  7. try vigan longanisa pasta and Julia Child's roasted chicken...not sure lng if pwede sayo ang longanisa...happy cooking

  8. Hay princesa Ahne, hindi pwede sa kin ang longganisa. Si Julia Child pwede pa. Thanks for the suggestion!

  9. ay oo nga pala...erase the vigan longanisa pasta...hehehe...