Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dealing with Holiday leftovers

I think dealing with holiday leftovers is every housewife/mom/chef-at-home’s dilemma after all the festivities has ended. Great if you have relatives and friends who asked for take aways but what happens when you’re stuck with all that food? First thing that I would do is get creative and transform the dish into something else. But what about the other dishes that are not “recyclable”? Me, I try to inject them one by one into our meals. Let’s take for example, this afritada:

leftover afritada setting, by 240baon

I knew everybody was sick of eating the leftover afritada so I cooked a light soup with canned pink salmon and wombok pechay. The light refreshing flavor of the soup was a nice break to the heavy, saucy nature of the afritada. I also added some simple greens with Mandarin oranges.

leftover afritada and extras, by 240baon

I also always try to make the setting appealing and a bit festive to make them feel like it’s still Christmas (but this was only two days after Christmas) hoping that they will eat more. Haha!

dinner afritada leftover setting, by 240baon

It was a good meal and we finally finished the afritada. How do you deal with leftovers?

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  1. Thinks holiday christmas left overs are the best.

    If there's one home cooked meal that i dont eat it's afritada



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