Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making breakfast is such a daunting task

Good morning everyone! I hope you've had some nice breakfast before going to work. 

For me, breakfast is the hardest to prepare. I envy people who are very creative with making and preparing breakfast. I now find it especially hard since MB and I are used to just eating bread from Bread Talk then that’s it. Now, we all eat together and I am tasked with preparing all the meals and breakfast just drives me crazy! So what I do is I prepare a whole bunch of things for them to choose from. –evil grin- That way, I don’t have to stress myself out and not be late for any appointments for the day.

If you are like me, you may find this useful:

ham and bacon breakfast spread, by 240baon

I bought a box of mini Danish pastries at French Baker and transferred them to a plate (para di mukhang takeout!) I also served bacon (only 2 slices for each person, masama sa heart!) and heated the leftover Fiesta ham and slices of ham from Cagayan de Oro, a pasalubong from a family friend.

breakfast spread - toast and sliced navel oranges, by 240baon

Further down are toasts, some mayo and some sliced Navel oranges. The Christmas balls are still there (mental note: change centerpiece) but this was before New Year. I also have a selection of drinks – mixed fruit juice, OJ, decaf coffee, Milo and Swiss Miss.

Here’s my plate:

my breakfast plate, by 240baon

I already got one of the blueberry Danish pastries. That’s the only flavor that I like.

mini danish pastries, bacon and ham breakfast spread, by 240baon

I only have 3 sets of placemats, 3 table covers and the black, white and red dinner plates that’s why you are seeing a repeat of everything. All the rest are just things I’ve accumulated through the years that is why it is my mission to find more table setting sets. I’m quite excited!


  1. making breakfast-in-bed for the one you love is never daunting. well, at least for me. i love serving my woman like my queen. :)

  2. @cafembolity: I'm serving breakfast for 4! lol.But that's very sweet of you!



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