Tired and Hungry

During the holidays, everyone was soooo busy straightening out the house and running around to buy presents and house stuff. I had to help out and although I was so tired already, I needed to cook for everyone especially if it’s just the boys and me. I needed to cook something fast and easy every time as I was also low batt already.

Here’s what I came up with one very late lunch time (cooking and preparation time is 30 minutes):

beef salpicao and pink salmon soup, by 240baon

Beef salpicao (recipe in the archives), pink salmon soup with wombok pechay, corn and carrots and salad. The meat was of course, for the boys. I wanted some soup. I needed to salvage the carrots and so I made that side dish. Salads are always present on the table whenever my mom or sister is there.

For dessert:

haagen dazs chocolate orange and watermelon and melon platter, by 240baon

I was feeling bad the night  before as I wasn’t able to eat some watermelon. After slaving in the kitchen for a couple of hours, they did not even think to put some fruit aside for me. They ate everything! So I did another fruit platter the next day and ate half of it. Haha!

Everyone loved this set. My sister especially loved the beef. I had to stop her from eating so that mom can taste some of it for dinner. All the rest were wiped out.