Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My First Attempt at Roasted Chicken

my first attempt at roast chicken, by 240baon
And it was a success! Woot!

This is Kylie Kwong’s recipe but I tweaked it a little bit because at the last minute I couldn’t find my rosemary so I used oregano instead. I also used tarragon.

I used a lot of butter and honey. Honey was not in the original recipe. Using it was a good decision as it brought out the sweetness of the vegetables. And as always, don’t forget to season, season, season. I used a combination of sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, pepper and olive oil.

It was sooo good – the meat was tender and juicy and the skin was a bit crunchy. It was very filling too. We ate this with rice but you can actually just eat it with the veggies (carrots, new potatoes, onions) and you’ll be full in no time.

This success has inspired me to do more roasted dishes in the coming days!

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