Soup for the Soul

Most of you know that when I’m not feeling well, I opt for soups as they help me recover faster. One day I decided to make a soup that is a meal in itself. My body was craving for vegetables and soup so I decided to combine them. I ended up with this:

tomato vegetable soup with ravioli, by 240baon

Although I wanted soup, I needed a full bodied dish for the rest of the family. I was sick and I needed something light. They were hungry and they wanted to satisfy that hunger so I added some ravioli.

This soup contains cauliflower, carrots, fresh button mushrooms, celery, Taiwan pechay, garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes. I used tomato paste and chicken broth for the soup. I also added sea salt and black pepper for seasoning. I know MB would love some bread with this so I got some mixed grains bread from Bizu and slathered on some butter on each piece then sprinkled them with garlic powder. I popped them in the oven for a few minutes and voila! A complete, hearty dinner.

This soup was so packed with nutrients that I was able to recover in no time. I think this will be a permanent recipe in my “Foods that heal” repertoire.