Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Breakfast–Eggs and Tomatoes on a Walnut Toast

This is another quick breakfast post. I woke up late yesterday and had to scramble to make breakfast for MB who was getting ready for work. I needed something fast but decent as MB is already tired of canned stuff so I made this:

egg and tomato open faced sandwich, by bitsandtreats

I wanted something to make the bread more filling but I also wanted the taste to standout. This is a walnut loaf from French Baker. I’ve been dreaming of a good bread since I saw an episode of one of my favorite AFC shows where the host was making bread for dinner. Yum! I so want to bake bread again!!!! (I need an oven and a big kitchen).

For the eggs, I beat one egg, added some chopped parsley, salt and pepper then cooked it on low heat. I popped the bread and the tomatoes in the oven. The tomatoes were in for 10 minutes on  250C, I think. This was delicious! I think if you add some hot chocolate then this would be a perfect breakfast.

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