Of Afternoon Snacks and Cooking Snippets

I’m watching TV now as I write this. I guess it’s easy to guess that one of my favorite channels is the Asian Food Channel. I saw this commercial about Martin Yan’s new show. He was using a huge cleaver. I remember when I first started cooking, I used a cleaver too. I was so enamored with the anime Cooking Master Boy that I decided to use a cleaver too, like Mao. I also copied his recipes. I would watch the show whenever I got stumped with what to cook for dinner. I always get new ideas from that anime. Later on, I was obsessed with Yakitate Japan. It was also a good show to get meal ideas from. Well, I love anime and I love to cook/bake that’s why these animes are perfect for me.

So, I used a cleaver for years. It was the only knife available in our kitchen aside from a bread knife because I was the only one who cooked. One day mom decided to cut something and hurt her hand. She was bleeding profusely and I had to take her to the hospital just to make sure that everything was alright. It was very fortunate that she didn’t need stitches. So after that, I decided to use a regular chef’s knife for everybody else’s safety. It’s so funny that I had to get used to holding a small knife. It was hard for me to cut certain ingredients using a chef’s knife whereas with a cleaver I was really fast. Friends would actually get scared when they see me cooking because of that knife. LOL. My idol, after all, was Mao who would cut food lightning fast.

So that’s a small snippet about my cooking life I’d like to share with you.

Moving on, MB and I had an afternoon snack yesterday while waiting for Transformers. I wanted to try Krispy Kreme’s Chillers but had to pass because they contained milk. I’m lactose intolerant. So MB got to enjoy this cold glass of Mango Kreme Chiller:

krispy kreme mango kreme chiller, by 240baon
I think this costs 120 pesos.It' tastes really good, not like fake mangoes. It’s not too sweet. It would have been the perfect drink for me had I not been lactose intolerant.

I wanted something cold and sweet so MB said we should go to Starbucks so that he can buy me my usual Choco Cream Chip. When we got there, I told him I wanted to try the new Soy Strawberry Frappuccino.

starbucks soy strawberry frappuccino, by 240baon

It was a very good choice as this was sooooo good! I’m not a fan of strawberry drinks because they always taste so artificial but this was an exception. I could really taste the berries. It was also not too sweet. The cream gave it the perfect balance. I finished this drink and I rarely finish a Starbucks’ drink. I hope they put this as a regular on the menu. I’m pretty sick with the Choco Cream Chip already.

For munchies, we had churros from Dulcinea:

dulcinea churros, by 240baon

This is absolutely our favorite. I know most of you are already familiar with these churros but I just wanted to share the cute take out box.

We had a food fest yesterday as we had some arroz caldo again at Reyes Barbecue which totally sucked. We didn’t finish our orders and just took them home for the cats. During the movie, we shared an Omega-3 Pita (tuna with mango vinaigrette dressing) from Chimarra, some sour cream and chives popcorn and a bottle of coconut juice to wash them all down. It was a fun, food-filled Sunday!

*Photos taken using my Nokia phone


  1. winner si soy and strawberries and cream~

    i love it too!

  2. i super love dulcinea's churros!!! <3

  3. i was able to try dulcinea's churro's at banchetto, i didn't like them :(

  4. baka di bagong luto ung nakain mo?

  5. the Mango Kreme Chiller is my fave too at KK. sana kasama sya sa passport promo nila.

  6. That drink looks so good right now. -.-