Saturday, December 31, 2011

Food Tripping

Sometimes I enjoy being alone in the mall as I get to do anything I want without worrying about my companion getting bored or not liking it. I can watch movies that MB would otherwise frown upon (such as chick flicks) or eat/try out new things. I had one such day when I watched New Year’s Eve. I ordered potato munchers from Taters and Nacho Mama from Eat My GF (garlic fries) for my movie snacks. Here are the nachos:


I asked for takeout because I’ll be bringing this to GB1 where I’ll be watching. I wasn’t very impressed with the preparation. The veggies used were not that fresh. I had to ask the girl who was preparing the food to remove all the black parts of the carrot. I also asked her to remove the hard parts of the lettuce. For the bean paste, I don’t know why she had to rub it all over the cardboard tray. All the “toppings” were in the bottom and only the cheese was served as a topping. This included tomatoes and black olives. You just can’t see them because, well, they’re underneath the nachos. The taste was ok but eating this in a dark cinema proved to be challenging. When the nachos ran out, I realized that there were still a lot of toppings. And all along I thought I already ate all of them. They were stuck to the corner of the cardboard. Such a waste. This costs around Php100, more or less. Sorry, I can’t remember. Also, the brown bag was really tacky. The contents of the tray will surely spill if you’re not careful, thus the toppings sticking to the corner. If the brown bag gets wet, it will surely tear. I was carrying other things so it was a real hassle bringing this from Food Choice Glorietta 4 to the cinemas at GB1.

For dessert, I had a mint macaron from Bizu:


On another note, here are other food choices from Kim n Chi:

This is Bibimbap which is sooo sulit! It has all sorts of toppings. My only problem with it is everything tasted too sweet. Good thing I ordered kimchi.


The kimchi was good. I ignored the gochujang that came with the bibimbap. I’m also happy to report that the soup is better now. It’s actually pretty tasty and I finished the 2 bowls. The dumplings were a disappointment:


MB and I each had one then I had them wrapped for takeout and gave them to my babies. The dumplings at Kaya still top my list.

It will be 2012 in a few hours. What’s your food trip for tonight?

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