Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kim n Chi Round 3

Without further ado, here’s the food:


MB got the beef stew bento this time. I just had to have the seafood ramyon again.


I wanted the beef bulgogi but MB made a mistake and ordered the bulgogi omu-rice. I didn’t want to waste money so I settled.

See, I told you the omu-rice servings were gigantic! The rice is inside that roll of egg. I didn’t touch the egg which was covered in catsup and mayo. There were only a few pieces of beef in the bulgogi and tons of noodles. It tasted good but it was too sweet for my taste. To balance out the sweetness, I poured some of the ramyon soup onto my rice. (Pouring soup over rice is a Filipino thing.)

At the end of the meal, I still had some leftover ramyon which MB and I shared for dinner that night and the egg and noodles from my order which I gave to my babies.

Oh, I almost forgot. When I asked that the ramyon be packed for take out, the staff had a problem. They didn’t know how to pack it for takeout. They poured the soup in a flimsy plastic and of course, the shrimp poked holes in it. They even put the plastic in a brown bag and of course that too got soaked. So finally they said they have this machine that can pack the noodles nicely and seal it but I have to add 5 pesos. No problem, as long as my soup is intact. It’s quite a nifty gadget. I’m sorry I forgot to take a photo but you’ll see an identical packaging in my next post.



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