Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chocomon by Pan de Manila

We don’t have time for breakfast so we usually just buy breads from Bread Talk and French Baker or the Original Glazed donut from Krispy Kreme. Last week when I was in Cavite, I happened to pass by a Pan de Manila store in Imus. I got the Cheese Sticks which are better than Bread Talk’s in my opinion. More on that soon. So anyway, when I went to another Pan de Manila branch back here in Manila, I tried their Chocomons.

pan de manila chocomon, 240baon

It’s different from Red Ribbon’s mamons (our usual). It’s not fluffy or maybe because I refrigerated it. I like sweet things cold. I don’t reheat donuts and mamon. I like that it’s not fluffy because it’s different. It was a bit chewy. That chocolate in the center is Milo. Pan de Manila is so Pinoy with their products. I think it’s a tad too sweet for me but nothing that a gulp of water can handle. MB loved it.

I think this costs Php49 pesos. I’m not sure. I also bought other things which I will share with you very soon. Well, the truth is, I forgot to take pictures. = )


  1. Wow thanks for sharing this. I want yo try rin. Hehe

  2. interesting! i heard the bananamon is good too!

  3. I'm not a huge fan of bananas but MB is so I think we'll have a go at that. Thanks for that!



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