My Amazing Lunch

wild alaskan pink salmon, home fries, poached eggs, 240baon

I love dining alone during lunch because I get to eat whatever I want. MB is the typical boy who loves the typical lunch of rice and viand. Me, I like eating something different everyday. While he’s at the office, I get to experiment with my lunch. = )

Today, I actually didn’t have any idea what to eat for lunch. We’ve run out of groceries so I rummaged through the cupboard and the ref and found a few ingredients. I ended up cooking some home fries, wild Alaskan pink salmon and some poached eggs. I know, the past few posts have included poached eggs. Believe me, I took a break from the poached eggs. = ) I also added about half a cup of rice to keep my energy up as I have a ton of paperwork to do today.

I was having writer’s block earlier and so I decided to stop writing and cook. Good thing I did because now this amazing lunch has given me my writing juju back. How about you, what foods inspire you?


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